Diced Chuck Steak

The Lucky Pig
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800g (minimum) 

Diced Chuck Steak makes for a rustic, hearty dish at any time of the year, but even more so during the cooler months. The coarse muscle fibres mean that by slow cooking this cut you will be rewarded with a sumptuous fall apart dish which will be one of your families favorite winter warmer dishes.  For the more adventurous, switch out your mince steak for Shredded Chuck Steak next time you make Tacos.

Cooking Instructions: Simply flour and seal your Diced Chuck Steak until browned in a heavy based pot, add veggies of choice along with stock or sauce and let simmer until falling apart, alternatively can be cooked in the oven (think casserole) Slow cooker, oven.

Shelf Life:Our fresh beef is recommended consumed within 2-3 days. Can be frozen  for up to 6 months


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