Melbourne's Award Winning Master Butchers

The Finest and Freshest in Melbourne

All our products are made in store by our tireless young team, with Luke providing guidance and instruction to ensure perfection across our entire range. The meat at The Lucky Pig arrives in carcass form, and is dry aged in the cool room to enhance flavour and tenderness. Alongside premium cuts of fresh meat are our house smoked smallgoods such as award-winning ham and bacon, as well as oven-ready products including 4 types of pies, pastry pinwheels and lasagne. The knowledge we have acquired from leading professional chefs is priceless, and we are able to use our experience in the food industry to create tasty, homemade products.

A community focus is at the heart of The Lucky Pig service. Supplying local schools and sporting clubs with various meats at wholesale prices, as well as employing local, school-aged staff, allows us to put money and experience back into the community of Bentleigh that has given us so much.